V2060-SE is the powerful IP Voice Switch System. It can be used in Middle and Small office environment, multi-branch companies and organization, and people travel frequently. V2060-SE compromises the merits of embedded mode and server construction mode with robustness and scalability. V2050-SE are able to access operators IMS or NGN network platform to realize convergence of fixed and mobile terminals. V2060-SE integrates capabilities of IP-PBX, Trunking Gateway, Telephone conference serve and AG, and V2060-SE support mainstream IP Phone, Gateway or other VOIP devices. V2060-SE has 4 modularized slots, 32 FXS Slot, 32 FXO Slot, 32FXS/FXO mixed Slot. the maximum of V2060-SE can support 4 digital trunking and provide 2 upstream lines(including 1 optical port) and 2 downstream internet ports. 

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